SACS, Cape-to-Cairo, Orange-MainOne and why bandwidth gluts don’t matter anymore

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During the past quarter, the African wholesale space has witnessed Liquid Telecom’s Cape to Cairo agreement, MainOne’s deal with Orange and the commercial launch of Angola Cables’ SACS.  On the surface, these developments have little to do with one another. Taken together, we say they mean three things: bandwidth gluts don’t matter anymore, the African opportunity is about more than Africa, and OTT demand will determine (almost) everything.

  • In July, Liquid Telecom signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Telecom Egypt (TE), that would allow Liquid to connect its network to TE’s in Egypt, thus completing the long sought-after Cape Town to Cairo link.
  • In September, Orange and MainOne Cable announced that they had reached an agreement that would see Orange contribute to the installation and construction of two new branches on the MainOne network, while taking ownership of one (Dakar).
  • And still in September, Angola Cables announced that its SACS cable linking Angola to Fortaleza in Brazil, with an onward route to Miami in the USA was now open for commercial traffic.

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